The Upper Room Diaries

Learning to Move in the Prophetic

From the early half of this year God has been speaking to me about the prophetic ministry. It is becoming quite the common occurrence for me to move in the spiritual gifts of Prophecy, Words of Knowledge and Discernment of Spirits. I have noticed the Lord using me strongly in these giftings to minister to his people.

Recognizing this, I have been asking the Lord to provide someone who would be able to groom me in the Prophets Office. Recently there is that intense desire for God to take me up to another level. However, the challenge is in finding that person to bring me there.

Make no mistake, I have mentors; and all of them are really sensitive to the Lord, moving strongly in their respective gifting. However no one can really give me practical handles on how to be, and remain, sensitive to the Lord. Most of them just tell me to watch them as they minister. I suppose that this is how most of them grew in their gifting – Watch and (somehow) Learn – but no, I want practical handles. If this is walking on water, I don’t want to learn by falling into the water. I want someone to teach me how not to fall.

Over the past week, the Lord answered my prayer. I was told to accompany JR to HCMC, to a pastor’s conference that he was invited to speak at. I know that he has a reputation of moving strongly in the Word of Knowledge and Prophecy so I was quite excited to travel with him. This was supposed to be a missions trip. However traveling with JR is more T&D (training and development) to me than it was a missions trip. I was even given the chance to sense and prepare for messages on the spot, to exhort the pastors over three days. When JR was praying over the people (prophesying) I would be standing beside him comparing what I sensed with what he prayed. This really sharpened my sensitivity to the voice of God. I really enjoyed all of that and came out of it having learnt so much.

I think ultimately this whole thing regarding the prophetic preparation would really make sense when we compare this with how God called prophet Samuel in the Old Testament. God only reveals more to Samuel when he understands who is speaking to him. God is speaking, When you recognize him, he reveals more. Obedience to what God has already revealed is crucial and pivotal to getting God to reveal more.

Below are some of what I have learnt from private conversations over meals and rest times, as well as observations I have made about how JR prepares himself for God to use him. Mostly the small things, but it is the small things that most people miss out and together they add up to a lot.


The anointing is borne out a relationship with God.

Relationship means to seek God in the important things, and to seek him even in the smallest of things.

The strength of the relationship is based on the level of obedience (how much we ask, listen and obey God) and trust (how much God trusts us to handle what he says).

God is looking for men and women he can trust with secrets.
To say or not to say becomes lesser an issue of wisdom, but more of an obedience to God. Constantly check with God if he wants you to say what he has revealed to you.

Repent when you did not inquire of the Lord, and when you did not follow what God wants you to do at that point of time.


God takes the anointing very seriously and he wants us to treat it seriously as well.

Treasure the anointing. Do not trade the anointing for anything. Money, Sex, Power, Position. People will want to buy (or pay) you because of your gifting. Do not give in to them. God will provide.

People will start to treat you like a ‘fortune teller’. When this happens, do not give in to them. When you do not give in to them, they will try to hurt you by saying that you do not have the gift. Do not believe them.

Do not be under pressure to say something. Minister only when directed from the Lord. It is his power and he will use you when he wills. When you flow as directed by God, the ministry will be powerful. When you try to minister apart from God’s direction. Your efforts will be a flop.

With anointing comes popularity. Be ready. If not God will take it away from you.


Diet helps a lot.

Fasting helps. Forces you to swap your desire for food with the desire for God. Drink lots of water, avoid coffee and unnatural stimulant, eat healthy. This will give you fresh breath and it makes your heart very tender before God.

When fasting do not a total fast as this makes your daily activity very difficult. Fast enough food not to give in to the body’s craving. Like eat only 40% of every meal.

The more you know the Word of God the sharper you can be. Our thoughts often gets in the way of living the spirit-led life. Jesus is combating this with Scripture in his temptation in the wilderness.

God decides when he wants us to move in the gifting. The key is to be a ready vessel. Be ready to operate in the gifts. Like if you are always upset and quarreling or if there is anger, strife and division, God cannot come in because you are not ready. You are dominated by your flesh and emotions. Stay clam, stay sensitive, stay ‘stirred up’ by speaking in tongues always.

Practice looking on the inside (of yourself). Many times we look so much for the spectacular but we miss the supernatural happening on the inside.


We are who we are now because other people invested into our lives. Therefore spend time to invest in others, and allow people to share your stage.


Why is Jesus called ‘the Son’?

Just in time for Easter! This post is about Jesus Christ, the nature of salvation and why the incarnation of God is so important to Christian theology. This is how the bits and pieces of thinking about Christ is supposed to link. Tried to made it simple. Tried.

Have a blessed Easter (:

Jesus is a name, nothing special about it. However ‘Christ’ is not a surname but a Greek title which means ‘Messiah’, ‘Saviour’ or ‘the anointed one’. ‘Christ’ is Greek, Messiah is Hebrew and Saviour is well… English. They mean roughly the same thing.

In the olden days Son of God is used as a title. It basically means ‘Representative of God’. Now Son of Man is also a title which means ‘Representative of Man’. While other prophets of the Old Testament is only said to hold the ‘Son of Man’ title (e.g. Ezekiel 13:2), Jesus is the only person to hold both ‘Son of God’ (e.g. Luke 1:35) and ‘Son of Man’ (e.g. Mark 10:45) titles. Hence people combine the two titles and referred Jesus as ‘the Son’ — it is an office with a job description to it, not a word in reference to family hierarchy. Jesus’ task is to be both, a representative of God to mankind, and a representative of mankind to God. Thus we say that Jesus is ‘incarnational’, this very word is used in reference to the phenomena where the divine and human meet. In this case, the divine and the human meet in a person. This person is called Jesus Christ.

It is in Jesus that we find salvation. Salvation is possible only if Jesus is both ‘Son of God’ and ‘Son of Man’. Jesus need to represent God to mankind, because we need to see God. Thus Jesus made a very bold statement in John 14:9 when he said ‘Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father’. Wells, that is only the secondary reason. The primary reason is that in order to save mankind, God came personally as Man, was tempted in every way and emerge sinless (Hebrews 4:14-16). Jesus then needs to be the representative of mankind to God because in order for the whole of mankind to be saved, God requires a sinless person to pronounce judgement on.

So then how can one man’s sinlessness be made applicable to whole of mankind? The interesting argument in Romans 5:12-21 basically says that since from one man (Adam) sin entered the world, it should be reasonable enough to say that one man (Jesus) will be the solution to rid sin from the world. This is what God did. God sent Jesus to be that solution.

To explain the nitty gritty of the Romans 5 argument. A parallel illustration could be made by observing the financial world. When a person is in debt he or she could never pay off the debt of another person. The bank would never allow for this. Now when a person who is not in debt, he is then able to pay for another person. The bank saw everyone struggling, called a debt-free man to come and told him to pay for the debt of everyone. This is how the story goes in the case for Jesus.

The bank is God. The debt is Sin. God saw the helplessness of Man and thus sent Jesus as a sinless person to pay off the sin of everyone. In order to qualify for the payment, Jesus must be a Man (as in human), as only a Man can die for the sin of another Man. In order to go through death and resurrect, Jesus must be God. Thus we say that Jesus is God incarnate — i.e. Jesus is both God and Man.

The Ultimate Aim of Following Jesus

Contrary to popular thinking, the ultimate aim of following Jesus is not Eternal Life or getting his blessings. All these are subsets to a bigger picture. The ultimate aim of following Jesus is to experience Jesus—that we love Jesus so much that we desire to share in the fellowship of his sufferings.

Philippians 3:10-11 says it well: “I want to know Christ—yes, to know the power of his resurrection and participation in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, attaining to the resurrection from the dead.” Notice here that Eternal Life (the blessing) is kind of like the after-thought, not the main thing. The main thing is to experience Jesus.

Many want to experience Jesus without following Jesus, and they end up disappointed. Well of course they will! How can anyone truly experience someone whom he does not know? It is costly to really get to know someone. Time, money and effort have to be spent in order to follow that person around. In Matthew 16:24 Jesus said unto his disciples, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.” There is a heavy cost to following Jesus. It is actually a very tall order! This cost however, is easily absorbed by love. When we love Jesus, following him becomes easier.

Every good thing that God has in stall for us, those promises were made with an assumption—that we love him. Apostle Paul captured this assumption perfectly in 1 Corinthians 2:9: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human mind has conceived the things God has prepared for those who love him.” LOVE HIM!

“Experiencing God” and “Following God” comes as a package. You can never have one without the other. However when you have one of them, you will get the other! Start following God and take him at his Word. Your life will get really exciting because you will be experiencing God in a manner you never would otherwise.